Zen Bamboo Shakuhachi Flute Gallery

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• My Shakuhachi Flutes are carefully tuned to the traditional minor pentatonic scale, A440 pitch, in a climate controlled setting. 

• I craft my flutes with the utmost care and precision while maintaining the natural beauty of the bamboo.

 I harvest the bamboo here in the southeastern United States as much as possible. Bamboo is harvested in late fall/early winter and carefully fire-cured before being thoroughly dried. I use several varieties, centering on Madake (Japanese timber bamboo), then Kurochiku and Torachiku (Different variants of Black Bamboo) bamboo and with some others also being of interest, notably Makino, which is similar to madake but originated in Taiwan.

Every shakuhachi flute is guaranteed to please! 

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For shakuhachi flute sizes 2.1 and larger, first and third holes –from bottom to top– are offset for easier reach. They are aligned for standard left-hand over right playing. Right over left alignment is available if requested at time of order.