Shakuhachi Flute Bags

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   These hand crafted flute bags are lined inside with a hidden polypropylene vapor barrier to help keep the moisture content of the bamboo stable. They also have a padded liner to protect your flute from bumps and scrapes. Crafted in a traditional Japanese style. 
Outside is made with  beautifully iridescent fine silk and viscose blend. This fabric is hand woven in a small village in Vietnam, where old jacquard looms are still used. Patterns are a loom embroidered effect with centuries-old symbols and characters of longevity and happiness, interspersed with plum blossoms and bamboo.

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Our silk is sourced from Golden Thread Silk 

"Golden Thread silks are made at the village level, they work with one family. The family spins the thread, weaves and dyes the silks in buildings that surround their home courtyard.  The family they work with is paid a comfortable living wage for their beautiful silks. These silks ARE NOT Factory Produced!

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 The flute bag colors from right to left are: Burgundy/Chocolate, Emerald/Charcoal, Forest/Ink Blue, Jade/Golden Dragon


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