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Shakuhachi flute by jem klein - root end with brick red lacquered Jiari interior.

Featuring my unique Cast Interior system. These are excellent quality Jiari-type bamboo shakuhachi featuring a durable, non-toxic, mineral-based bore material.

Excellent tone with precise pitch tuning; I go the extra mile with fine-tuning the resonance and pitch for my Advanced Shakuhachi flutes. Tuned to concert pitch – A440 @ 68°F room temperature.

Intended for professional players, though any level of player will do well with these shakuhachi.

Precision crafted acrylic inlay on the blowing edge for long-term performance. Inlay features an outline of tarnish-resistant argentium sterling silver for elegance.

ACMI certified non-toxic lacquer on the inside for beauty and durability.

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See below for some examples of advanced model shakuhachi flutes that I have made:
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Shakuhachi flute by jem klein - root end with Black lacquered Jiari interior. Rattan binding.
root end Black bamboo shakuhachi flute by Jem Klein.
Madake root end bamboo shakuhachi flute by Jem Klein with rattan bindings. Lacquered, cast jiari interior.
Jem Klein Shakuhachi
Madake bamboo shakuhachi flute by Jem Klein. Advanced root end jiari cast interior with red lacquer. Golden bindings.