*DISCLAIMER: This is a list of known shakuhachi teachers. Anyone teaching shakuhachi may be added to this list no matter their character or demeanor. Hosetsu does not necessarily recommend nor discourage  learning from any one teacher on this list. Finding a teacher that is right for you is your responsibility. You may see a teacher listed more than once because they have more than one place of residence. 

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Kyle Kamal Helou

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Kyle is a graduate of Villanova University, class of 1993, with a BA in Philosophy.   He focused his studies on the Far Eastern philosophy of Zen, the essence of harmony, solidarity, and peace.  In the year 2000, he moved to Tokyo, Japan, where he apprenticed in both Shotokan Karate-Do and Shakuhachi, two very different Japanese traditional arts.  Although differing in content both arts emphasize the same methodology in learning the essential values for building a harmonious human character.  He returned to Lebanon in 2009 where he currently teaches both arts as a method for attaining inner peace.
Area of Shakuhachi expertise: Kinko-ryu and Watazumido Honkyoku
Teaches in Beirut and surrounding area.
Phone - +961 70 30 50 66